Star Wars super-fans can now have ice cold beer delivered straight into their hands by their favourite little droid.

“Help me, R2-D2, you’re my only hope!”

…Is what you’ll soon be saying when your beer glass is empty. With the Haier R2-D2 Moving Refrigerator, you can now make like a Jedi and have all your drinks delivered on demand by none other than the bumbling droid itself, R2-D2.

The remote-controlled droid fridge claims to be a faithful replica in terms of both sound and movement, and can deliver a chilled drink straight to your hand at the touch of a button.

Haier R2D2 moving fridgeAs well as appearing on demand with a belly full of beers, R2-D2 also has a built-in 720p projector, like its film self. For once, though, iOS users are left out of the fun because it’s only compatible with Miracast for Android at the moment.

Spec-wise, the R2-D2 Moving Refrigerator isn’t exactly going to be replacing your regular fridge any time soon. With only enough storage capacity for six 350ml cans, it’s mainly about the gimmick.

Haier R2D2 projectorAnd it’s an expensive gimmick at that. If you want Jedi-standard butler service, you’re going to have to fork out about £5,500. You’re also going to have to move to China, because that’s the only place in the world the droid fridge is currently open for pre-order.

Meanwhile, there’s still no word on whether you’ll be having your coffee vended by a life-size C-3PO, but we can dare to dream.