Want to know who Mr. Snuggles is REALLY shacking up with while you're at work?

We think we know everything about our beloved pets, but we sometimes forget that they’re wild animals who are hardwired for adventure, mischief and – at times – complete stupidity. Want to know what your pooch or moggy is really up to when your back is turned? You need this Halo Collar.

With a built-in camera and two-way mic for live streaming and chat, Halo lets you – for the first time ever – see and hear exactly what you pet does you’re not there. You can even intervene if, say, Fido starts snapping at the postman’s fingers again, by using that built-in mic to give commands to your pooch.

Halo Collar POVHalo will even give you a nudge if there’s some action your missing out on. It’s barking alarm will send an instant notification to your phone if your dog is excessively barking – or just if your poor old cat is being excessively barked at by next’ door’s dog again.

As well as beaming live video of your pet’s every move, Halo is also a handy tool for tracking the location of your pet. With a GPS tracker tucked into the collar, you can check exactly where your pet is at any time of day, which could come in handy if they ever wander off somewhere you don’t recognise in their live footage.

Halo Collar pettingHalo is great as a surveillance measure, but it’s sometimes nice to just check in and see how your furry pal is getting on. You can also see friends, family or dog walkers through the collar and have a remote chat with them while you’re spying. It’s up to you whether you want to tell them about Halo first, or totally creep them out with your bodiless voice.

Because Halo operates on both WiFi and 4G, you can monitor it anywhere in the world at any time from your computer, tablet or phone, which makes it a great way to keep tabs on your pets while you’re holidaying abroad.

Whether you’re concerned about your pet’s safety while you’re out of town or you’re just really, really intrigued about why Dr. Snugglepuss keeps coming home smelling like Chanel No.5, the Halo Collar is the perfect way to dive into your pet’s wild secret world. You can order Halo online here.