Smart lighting schedules, home automation tricks and remote control dimming are now possible without having to break the bank.

British Gas-owned Hive has just added the Hive Active Light to its empire of smart home gadgets, putting all kinds of remote control lighting wizardry within an app on your phone. The best bit? It’s cheap as chips at just £19.

A swap-in solution for your existing bayonet or screw light fittings, the Active Light lightbulb comes with an IoT brain, meaning you can turn it on and off and dim it from the app wherever you are – even if you’re not in the house. This is great if you want to switch on the lights for security if you’re going to be back home late, or just if you want to create the illusion you’re at home when you’re actually sitting on a beach half-way across the world sipping a Tom Collins.

Hive Active Lights appIf toggling your lightbulbs when you’re on holiday isn’t your bag, you can also create schedules to have your lights switch on and off at certain times during the day while you’re not home. A few seconds of tapping and swiping before you go away is all it takes to put an extra security measure in place and have peace of mind during your summer hols.

The Hive Active Light isn’t just designed to be a standalone device, though. The Hive window sensor, smart plug and motion sensor can all work in harmony with the lightbulb to give you some added home automation smarts. Of course, there’s the Hive Thermostat too, which opens up all kinds of exciting doors for smart home control.

With the right setup you could, for instance, have your porch light automatically switch on after 7PM when your sensors detect someone at the door, or have your Hive Thermostat crank down when all of your Hive Active Lights are off at night. Beats the nightly rigmarole of making sure everything’s switched off downstairs before you go to bed, eh? See more examples of Hive smart home tricks in this 360˚ VR experience:

The one little catch with Hive Active Lights is that you can’t use them on their own straight out of the box. You’ll need to lay down £80 for the Hive Hub to make them work, which is basically a plug-in box that acts as the gateway between Hive devices and your phone. Once you’ve got the Hive Hub, though, you can delve into Hive’s box of smart gadgets and easily add new devices as Hive rolls them out.

You can buy Hive Active Light for £19 here. A pack of 3 is £49 (saving you £8), while a 5-pack is £79 (saving you £16). Already a Hive customer? You can enjoy a 10 percent discount if you buy a Hive Active Light before July 31st.