This voice recognition app lets you speak in your normal accent, tone, and pace to hail an Uber and more.


Voice recognition is one of the most unreal, awesome achievements of modern tech, letting us communicate with modern gadgets using the ancient gift of the spoken word. So what do we do with this new-found superpower? We order taxis, obviously.

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Smart home favourite Amazon Alexa can do it, and now, so can Hound. Hound is a natural language voice recognition app that will carry out a ton of tasks at your command. Whether you want to search for a hotel, hum that song you can’t remember the name of, or translate a word into Spanish, Hound will spring into action to do your bidding as soon as it hears your dulcet tones. And of course, it’ll give your poor thumb a rest by hailing you an Uber.

To summon a ride, you’ll have to tell Hound your location, then ask for an Uber. It then rounds up the closest options, and lets you book a cab without even having to tap your phone screen. Before you book, Hound pulls up a fare estimate for the various types of Uber cab, like Pool, X, and XL. If there’s a surge, it’ll tell you the elevated price to make sure you don’t unwittingly land yourself a hefty fare.

The thing that sets Hound apart from other voice recognition apps like Siri is that it can understand natural language. This means you can talk to it in your normal pace, tone, and accent, and ask it question just as you would a fellow human being. “What’s the weather like in London this weekend?” for instance, or “Are there any restaurants in Paris open after 10pm?”

Hound can also pick up on subtle details of complex questions, so you could ask it, “What hotels in Manchester have Wifi and cost less than £60 a night?” and it’ll understand you perfectly.

The excellent news is that Hound is available for both iOS and Android, but the not-so excellent news is that it’s not yet available in the UK. Ho hum.