Meet Aido, your brand new smart home butler and home protection robot

The idea of a robot home helper might, for some, conjure up images of a prim, proper, and creepy Stepford Wives lookalike, or more recently, a glassy-eyed Humanoid from Channel 4’s Humans. In short, not something you’d invite through your front door.

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But a California company called Ingen Dynamics wants to quash all preconceptions of robot butlers with its friendly-looking home helper, Aido. Equipped with WiFi, microphones, 2-inch woofer speakers, a projector, voice-recognition tech, and sensors galore, Aido can carry out all manner of handy household tasks to make life a little easier – and hopefully a lot more fun.

Fancy a movie? Have Aido project it straight onto any wall in the house. Need to know how to fit a new thingamy-whatsit in the toilet cistern? Let Aido beam a how-to video onto the bathroom tiles. How about a cooking tutorial? Just pop off Aido’s head (yes, really) to use it as a handy digital recipe stand for your kitchen countertop.

Aido’s voice controlled

The cool thing is that all of Aido’s functions can be accessed simply by speaking. Aido boats some pretty high-spec voice recognition tech, along with an array of 6 microphones that get the message even when there’s background noise.

Aido can also integrate with other smart devices in your home, including Z-Wave and ZigBee products, to act as a home automation hub for creating ‘scenes’ and having your devices work in harmony. It also has its own Patrol mode, scurrying around your property and issuing intruder alerts to your smartphone if it senses trouble.

For your own peace of mind, you can also view a live-stream of Aido’s camera feed in the app on your phone wherever you are, letting you check on the kids whether you’ve just nipped out to the shops or you’re out of the country on business. And speaking of the kids, Aido has a Story Teller mode to entertain the young ‘uns when you can’t be there to showcase your own repertoire of funny voices.

Aido is also a bit of a smooth mover, scuttling around the house on its omni-direction ball, BB8-style.

If you’re ready to bring in the robots, you can pre-order Aido at its early-bird price of $549 (£390) from Indiegogo, where it’s currently on a funding rampage, with over 400% of its goal already met.

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