A DIY kit that gives you smartphone control of your existing window blinds.


If you have a house full of window blinds, you’ll be all-too familiar with the daily grind of having to manually open and close them all like some luddite. But iBlinds is here to help you see the light, giving you remote control of every window blind in the house from an app on your phone wherever you are in the world.

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The iBlinds kit works by connecting your existing blinds to an app on your phone via the smart home protocol Z-Wave. With the iBlinds intelligent blind motor fixed onto your blinds and the iBlinds app installed, you can set up specific times for your blinds to open and close, manually control a single blind or a group of them, and tilt them by lazily tapping your phone screen.

iBlinds also reckon they can save you some money on your heating bills, making it easier to use natural sunlight to warm a room. You could, for instance, set your blinds to open when the sun rises, and keep the heat in at night by having all of your blinds automatically close when the sun goes down.

There’s the added bonus of being able to add iBlinds to your existing smart home ‘scenes’ along with your other Z-Wave controlled smart products, like your door lock, thermostat, and so on. This would enable you to have your thermostat crank down the heating when your blinds open on a sunny day, or set your blinds to close when you step through the front door after a long day at the office. Ultimate bliss.

The iBlinds intelligent blind motor is compatible with tilting Venetian blinds in the standard two-inch slatted style, discreetly fixing onto the headrail. You can get also get special adaptors for all tilt rod sizes, and a height adapter for other high profile headrails.

The iBlinds kit is currently vying for funding over on Kickstarter, where you can bag yourself an early-bird package for just $60 (£43).