Suction-groom your pooch (and thoroughly enjoy every second of it) with the Dyson Groom Tool.


Of the many lesson we’ve learned about ourselves while gazing into the giant mirror that modern technology holds up to humankind, the fact that we are hopelessly subservient to our precious pets is perhaps the pill that’s the hardest to swallow. We like to think we’re masters of our own destiny, but the reality is that we will happily buy a magic box that lets us video-call the cat from the supermarket.

It’s perhaps time to finally accept our foolish flaw, however, because tech giant Dyson has launched a tool specifically for turning your hoover into a dog fur sucker. That’s right, folks. It’s officially acceptable to hoover the dog.

The Dyson Groom tool is a bristled head that attaches to your Dyson’s hand tool fixture to let you essentially suction-groom your dog’s fur to remove loose hair, dead skin cells, and all of the other detritus that gets lodged in its coat before shedding all over your carpets. Just run the head through your dog’s coat as you would a brush, and the combination of the bristles and the vacuum’s suction power will do the rest.

While you’re grooming away and live-streaming the event to YouTube, you can manually adjust the bristle length and switch between groom, self-clean and self-store modes with just your thumb.

The Dyson Groom Tool is suitable for both medium and long-haired dogs, and is compatible with most Dyson upright and canister vacuums. It won’t work with the Dyson’s DC01, Motorhead models or cordless vacuums. You can grab it for £38.99 from John Lewis.