Beat monthly cloud fees by keeping your photos and videos neatly organised in this wee smart box.

As any serial snapper knows all too well, the luxury of being able to take photos wherever and whenever we want can spell disaster for our phone storage. And the cloud isn’t always the cheapest or most secure way to organise our hundreds of treasured memories.

That’s where Monument comes in. A personal cloud device that uses artificial intelligence algorithms, Monument keeps your many photos and videos safe – and more importantly, in the right order.

The tiny box syncs with your devices via a USB cable or wirelessly over WiFi to back up your entire library of files in a jiffy. What’s more, it can be programmed to automatically organise your photos according to time, location, what’s in them and even the faces it detects.

This means you can create an entire folder dedicated to selfies, family shots and that endless camera reel for your cute baby nephew. Awesome.

Monument storageIn the Monument app (iOS and Android), you can ogle at your Monument library in all its immaculately-ordered glory. There are some fun ways to organise your files too, like overlaying your photos on a world map to revisit the memories of all the cool places you’ve been.

The thing that really sets Monument aside from any other storage device is that you can make it as roomy as you want. It uses external USB drives for storage, and they can take whatever size drive you decide to plug in. It also has an SD card slot if you want to transfer your files the old-fashioned way.

Anyone sick of their camera reel clogging their phone’s memory, or simply after a way to organise their photos without having to put in the legwork should definitely give Monument a whirl.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Monument is up for pre-order on Indiegogo for $109 (around £84).