The days of tearing through the house like a raging bull to find your lost car keys are now, thankfully, a thing of the distant past.

The original Tile was a crowdfunding smash just over two years ago, but it’s recently given itself a well-deserved makeover.

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The new Tile looks much like the last – a stylish plastic square tag with rounded corners that can be attached to keys, computers, bags, and whatever else you have a mortal fear of losing. Once you’ve paired it with your phone (iOS or Android) through the app, you’ll be able to make the tag beep remotely – and that beep is now three times louder than before.

It also works the other way now. If you misplace you phone, simply double-tap the “e” on the Tile and your phone will start playing a tune to help you find it.

But we’re most excited by what happens if you lose – rather than just misplace – a Tile-tagged item. If you leave your bag on the bus, for instance, you can mark it as lost via the app and it will then use any Tile-paired phone in the area search for your lost item. Nifty, eh?

This process is anonymous, so none of those random Tile users will know where your phone is, or even that they’re being used to locate it. You’ll receive a notification the instant any Tile user ever gets within range of your lost item.

Depending on how much of a loser you are (and we mean that in the nicest possible way), there are various packages of Tiles available. A single Tile costs just $25 (£18), but if you buy four, that drops to $17.50 (£12) per Tile. For anyone whose life is in need of serious order, there’s a bumper pack of 12 that puts a single tile at $15 (£10). Buy Tile here.