It sends an alert to your phone before a single drop even falls.

Having your day monumentally ruined by a surprise downpour from the heavens comes part and parcel with living in the UK. But washing day could be forever exempt from that rule thanks this smart little clothes peg by Omo.

A slightly larger than usual dolly peg, Peggy clips onto your clothes line just like any other peg to keep your clothes in place. But unlike its humble wooden kin, Peggy is secretly packing light, temperature and humidity sensors and a WiFi connection to make it the world’s first ever smart peg.

By accessing local weather forecasts and data from the internet, Peggy can predict oncoming rain and instantly send an alert to your phone to warn you to bring in the washing. What’s more, it will even keep an eye on your load when it’s in the machine, alerting you when your washing is done and even estimating how long it will take your clothes to dry based on the conditions outside.

Sadly, Peggy is still a concept product and there’s no word on when it will be available to buy. You can keep an eye out for news on its release here.