Because let's face it, you're evil.

Our long-suffering pets are about to be driven to distraction by yet another piece of smart tech thanks to Petcube and its re-vamped smartphone app.

Petcube is a durable, box-shaped HD camera packing a safe laser pointer and a 2-way speaker and microphone to let you interact with your furry friends in real-time when you’re away from home.

Whether you’re telling Fido he’s being a good boy or giving Dr. Snuggles his final warning to not go within a 1-metre radius of the fish tank, Petcube is a fun and easy way to stay close to your pets when you can’t be there in person.

Petcube app AutoplayEven better, with the brand new Petcube app on your phone (iOS and Android), you can indulge in all sorts of advanced spying and pet-taunting that the previous app didn’t allow.

For starters, the layout is now easier to navigate, with cam favourites, play history, and visual feed updates to help you keep tabs on your pet. There are also motion and sound detection alerts to give you an instant heads up if there are any major disturbances caused by your pets or someone else.

The crowning glory? Autoplay mode. This awesome new feature lets you set the laser pointer to dart about the room in randomised patterns, which is sure to be a hit with home alone pooches and moggies.

You can buy Petcube for $199 (£137). Shipping to the UK is available.