A lightweight little pet tracker that deals with safety, health, and sleep.


Think fitness trackers are just for humans? Think again. Poof is like the Fitbit of the four-legged world. A super-lightweight little tag that lives on your cat or dog’s collar, Poof monitors everything from calories burned and activity levels, to location and sleep.

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Poof connects to an app on your phone (iOS and Android), where all of your furry friend’s data gets crunched into handy insights about their every waking and sleeping hour. The syncing happens instantly, so you can keep tabs on the level and intensity of their exercise in real-time and know when they’ve had too much or not enough exercise. It’s the same with sleep, meaning you’ll always know when it’s time for them to hit the basket.

Elsewhere, Poof’s app has a calorie counter to help you manage a balanced diet. You’ll have to input every meal yourself, but Poof’s app will do the rest, comparing your pet’s food intake with their exercise levels to make sure they’re getting the energy they need.

Poof’s real crowning glory, however, is its tracking abilities. Poof operates using Social GPS, meaning if you ever lose your wayward pet, you’ll get an automatic notification if they wander near someone else with the Poof app. Clever, eh? You can even contact the person who found your pet to ask them to keep an eye on the wannabe vagrant in question until you can fetch them.

If your pet really goes completely AWOL, there are a couple more handy features in the app that should alleviate some of the stress. Shelter Search lets you instantly find and contact any animal shelters near you that might have news of your pet, while a poster generator helps you easy create a missing pet poster and share it straight to social media.

All of that, and you wouldn’t believe that Poof is a mere 0.1 ounces light. It comes with both a tag ring and a collar holster, which can be attached horizontally or vertically for comfort. The other real boon is that Poof has a 60 day battery life, which is extra piece of mind if your pet does decide to go on an epic adventure.

Poof is currently thrashing its funding goal over on Indiegogo, where you can grab it in two incredibly fun to say out-loud models: Poof Bean, and Poof Pea. Marvellous. Poof Bean is our 0.1 ounce little collar module, up for pre-order at $35 (£25), and Poof Pea is a little coin-shaped affair that weighs a little more, but ups the battery life to a staggering 6 months. That’ll set you back just $30 (£21).