We asked Reddit 'What's the weirdest thing your Roomba has done?' We weren't disappointed...

When it went on a dirty protest

meandmybassethound ‘Not the weirdest exactly, but the most unfortunate/disgusting. We had our Roomba set to go off at a certain time every other day. Well one fateful Wednesday, I came home and noticed the unmistakable stench of poo. My dog had shat in the house (which she literally never does) and the Roomba spread it all over our carpets, and hardwoods like poo butter and our house was the toast. Had to throw out some nice rugs and deep clean the Roomba.’


When it went stir crazy

Seal3824 ‘It was moving around normally, until it started to go straight towards my oven. It went underneath the oven and just stayed there going in circles until it’s battery died. I had to move the oven to get it out.’


When it got a taste for blood

suitology ‘Ate a line of ants. They kept coming and it kept coming back to kill the newcomers. I ended up putting raid in it so it just sat there killing them.’

no survivors

When it discovered its frisky side

Toothygrin1231 ‘We have a chair that when the Roomba finds, it starts humping it like a dog on a leg. For minutes at a time. We actually have to pick it up and move it to another spot in the house.’

Rude and unacceptable

When it turned kamikaze

Imakelasers ‘The first time we turned it on, my roomba followed my fiancée through multiple rooms rooms without stopping to try to clean any of them thoroughly. Just kept making a beeline for her.

And I dunno what sensors the new ones have, but this one is old enough that it’ll happily lunge down staircases like a whirring lemming. It only has a bump sensor on the front, so this is just a delightful statistical anomaly.’

Lemmings jumping

When it got its creep on

Phelxlex ‘I swear it stalks me. Wherever I am, it will always be behind me.’

Roomba Stalker

…And when it just got all romantic

tjfraz ‘Does assisting in my marriage proposal count?’

Sarah-LB ‘Yes, that’s amazing! Did it do as it was told?’

tjfraz ‘Yes and no. I wanted to set it up with a speaker set up like DJ Roomba and play her favorite song. We moved to our new place on 1/1/16 and the plan was to get it set up and doing its thing as we started bringing stuff in. 2 things happened:

  1. The speaker died
  2. She found the Roomba before it was set up

She immediately started cackling and didn’t realize what was happening until I popped the question (spoiler: she said yes).

The whole proposal started as an inside joke about me proposing. She is fundamentally against diamonds and she told me many times “I don’t want a ring; get me something practical like a Roomba.” So I did.’

It's so beautiful

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