There's no connected living without a wi-fi router. Starry wants you to show your wireless workhorse some love

Updated: Starry Station is now on sale from and Amazon, for $350.

Most people in the UK don’t give their WiFi routers too much thought, being happy to accept what they get from their broadband provider, then more or less leaving it in the corner to gather dust. If you are more discerning than that, you will know that the right router can offer greater control over how your family’s various devices use the network.

Starry Station data usage

Starry Station will tell you what’s going on


That’s the approach being taken by Starry. Their router, the Starry Station, not only looks pretty great, but comes with a built in touchscreen that represents each device on your network, with each circle sized according to how greedily it’s sucking at the data teat. Troublesome gadgets are coloured red, to help you identify wifi connection issues easily, which will prevent you having to unplug everything in succession to find a problem.

Starry Station access control

Starry Station will control your kids… Or at least your kids’ internet usage

And it comes with a range of easy to access ways to control how and when your kids access the Internet.

The Starry Station will be launched on the 26th March, in the US only to begin with, for $350 – find out more at their site.