If you’re finding it hard to believe that this tiny, pocket-sized device that looks like a peg could be working towards solving a major global issue, you’re underestimating the Plastic Bottle Cutter.


It’s no surprise that the millions of plastic bottles thrown out around the world are harmful to the environment and that even recycling requires so much fuel and transportation that it’s not the solution. But this eco-friendly Kickstarter lets you recycle and reuse your unwanted plastic bottles by turning them into handy, convenient and strong ropes to help reduce the amount of plastic pollution.

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The process is much more simple than you’d think. All you need to do is heat the plastic over the hob for a minute or two, cut the bottom of the bottle off, secure it to the Plastic Bottle Cutter and watch your bottle magically turn into rope as you turn the bottle through the cutter and pull the rope out.

It’s such a simple process but it’s the sheer strength of the rope that makes this project so innovative. From just one plastic bottle you can make rope that is strong enough to tow a car out of a ditch and wouldn’t break if you stood on it. Even your average 4mm wide Coca-Cola bottle can withstand up to 7kg of weight so it’s pretty impressive and useful stuff.

And this little gadget is small but mighty as one blade is all you need to make hundreds of meters of rope with no maintenance, repairs or replacements. You can use any type of bottle you like and the range of bright colours available means you can get creative with your newly created rope and use it for repairs, handicraft or to jazz up your furniture.

The Kickstarter project has received more than double it’s fundraising goal and is expected to deliver from June onwards with free worldwide shipping. The Plastic Bottle Cutter will be around $15 (£10), which is a bargain as you’ll save money on rope and do your bit for the environment so you’re on to a winner.