This quirky little hub wants to run your smart home with maternal intuition....

We’ve met lots of smart home gadgets that want to become part of the family, but one that actually goes as far as calling itself a mother is, well…it’s new territory. And whether you call it smart, call it weird, or call it, er – “mum” – you can’t deny it’s got your attention.

Mother is a Russian doll-shaped smart home hub made by that wants to keep a watchful eye over every aspect of life at home. From making sure you take your medicine and tracking your sleep to monitoring the front door and keeping an eye on the biscuit tin, Mother will do it all for you like the doting maternal gadget that she is.

Mother works by monitoring a series of sensors planted around your home. Of course, they’re not called “sensors”, because that would be uncharacteristically off-brand. They’re Mother’s family of Motion Cookies. Here’s one of your new siblings clinging to a pill box:Mother Motion CookieThe Cookies are packed with all sorts of sensors to detect activity, motion, and even temperature. They’re like Mother’s little spies, feeding her information about your gadgets that she then relays to you via an app on your phone or her special web platform.

Stick a Cookie on your front door, and Mother will notify you every time it opens. Pop one under your pillow, and she’ll track your sleep habits and activate a smart alarm. Slip on in your pocket, and she’ll count your steps. Fix one to grandad’s pill box, and you’ll be notified if he does – or doesn’t – take his medicine on time. You could even leave one in the nursery to make sure it’s always cosy and warm for baby

When you get into the swing of life with Mother, you’ll develop the habit of checking the app – or your “storybook” – to see updates and learn about your habits. The colourful interface with playful graphics will display life stories with headlines like “Aren’t you forgetting the plants?” or “Sally breaks her all time walking record!” You can dive in for deeper insights if you’re intrigued.

You can adopt a Mother device for €290 (£230) here. She comes with 4 Motion Cookies.