Accurately weigh everything from your cup of coffee to your Great Dane.

Off the top of our heads, we can think of three different kinds of scale your common or garden household might have. Kitchen scales, bathroom scales, and hanging scales for suitcases. Weighitz aim to replace all of those.

Consisting of small disks – which can be purchased individually or in sets of three – Weighitz are smart scales that can take care of your smallest, and largest weighing needs. If you need to weigh something small, use one scale. If your needs are larger, use all three together.


The scales integrate with the Weighitz app, which can be set to record each individual scale separately – if you need to compare the weight of several items – or combine them to calculate the total weight.

Because the scales can be used with any surface, it’s easy to weigh things that otherwise might be reluctant. If you need to weigh your pet, or your baby, you can do that without putting them in an uncomfortable situation. Just put the three Weighitz under a pet bed or bassinet, and weigh them from there.

If you need to weigh yourself, simply put any firm board on top of the three scales, set the level to zero, and step aboard. The app will calculate BMI, and help you track changes in your weight. Tell the app whether you’re trying to lose weight or increase your muscle mass, and it will measure your success – and eventually even integrate with your food preparation to make sure you get the nutrition you need.

When you weigh food, simply put a bowl or plate on one scale, set it to zero, and add your food. Not only will Weighitz weigh your food, it will break down the nutritional value within it, by weight, making it easier for you to have an accurate picture of what you’re eating.


If you’re heading on holiday, you can simply put your empty suitcase on the three scales, and start packing. When you’re approaching your luggage limit, you’ll get a warning.

Each Weighitz has a magnetised base, allowing you to store it easily on your fridge until needed. They come in four different colours, which can be mix-and-matched or just, well, matched.

With eight days to go, the Kickstarter campaign has almost tripled its goal. You can currently pledge to pre-order either one Weighitz, or a set of three – with the set of three including a foldable platform,