Cut your energy bills and be top water-saver in your family with this smart, eco-friendly Hydrao shower head.

Tracking your water usage isn’t easy when you’re busy singing Whitney with your shampoo bottle-turned microphone. But this connected Hydrao shower head has a novel way of reminding you when shower time’s up…

With an array of water sensors, the Hydrao shower head keeps track of every single litre of water you use, and employs an LED light system to indicate if you’re over-douching. Green lights mean you’re in the safe zone, and red mean it’s about time you dropped the mic and rinsed out the last dregs of shampers, because you’ve hit the 50 litre mark.

Hydrao smart showerheadThe cool thing about Hydrao is that it has a Bluetooth chip so that you can track and personalise your water consumption entirely through an app on your phone. Watch out though, because this could be the start of a serious water-tracking obsession.

Not only does the app let you track your water usage and alter the threshold at which the LED lights turn red, but it also encourages a touch of healthy competition. Basically, this means you can shame the rest of your family by beating their water consumption best score and earning the title of top water saver. A noble feat indeed.

Hydrao Smart showerhead appThe app has a lovely clean interface too, which makes everything a doddle, with visualised graphs and charts for at-a-glance monitoring of your H2O thrift.

Hydrao itself is an incredibly eco-friendly device too, taking its power for the water flow rather than any batteries. That’s pretty smart. If you’re ready to wash yourself clean of your wasteful ways and enjoy depleting energy bills, you can buy Hydrao now for €79.90 (around £69).