The hotly-anticipated Android smartphone add-on is launching in December. What a time to be on #TeamAndroid...

Gaming accessory innovator Hyperkin has had gamers squirming for over a year since it made an April Fools’ joke about making a Game Boy add-on for smartphones, and then announced that, actually, it was going to make it a real thing.

Now, we can all sit comfortably again, because Hyperkin has now announced an official release date. The Hyperkin Smartboy will be shipping on December 1st this year, and is currently taking pre-orders from Android users desperate to replicate their childhood gaming experience on their smartphones.

Gutted to be an iPhone user right now…

Hyperkin Smartboy 2The nifty add-on is a half-Game Boy handset with a slot for your smartphone that can take any Game Boy or Game Boy Colour cartridges. Load up your game, and you can control it on your crystal-clear Android display using the Game Boy’s retro buttons and shortcuts that must be firmly ingrained into your muscle memory by now.

Hyperkin is also keen for budding developers to make Smartboy the best experience it can be. It comes with open source serial app and firmware, letting developers “of all kinds” advance Hyperkin’s current build. Hyperkin is even offering a royalty percentage of retail-ready Smartboy units sold to anyone who can make serious improvements.

You can jump in line here to get the Smartboy for $59.99 (£41).

Story via: Mirror