Sick of that 'no available storage' message popping up when you want to shoot video? Snap on this little fella.

Unless you’re willing to spend £££s on external iPhone memory banks and deal with the hassle of lugging them about with you, you’re stuck with a bit of a pitiful storage situation. Specifically, 12GB of accessible space if you’re on a 16GB iPhone. And for all the pics, videos and apps you need to store onboard, that’s peanuts.

If you’re still searching for a solution, i-Dime could be your saviour. The size of a US Dime – or about penny in the UK – the i-Dime is a magnetic gizmo that snaps onto a special iPhone case to boost your iPhone’s poor storage allowance to a super-roomy 256GB.

i-Dimei-Dime holds itself in place using a tiny magnet, and locks with a quick 15˚ twist. As soon as it’s secured to your iPhone, it will stow away your many memory-heavy pictures, videos, files and apps for safekeeping.

Depending on what model of i-Dime you choose, there’s anything from an extra 32GB to 245GB to be snapped up.

Transferring your files with i-Dime couldn’t be easy. You can either upload them straight to the cloud from your phone, or grab one of the nifty USB sticks.

i-Dime snaps onto the USB stick in exactly the same way as with your phone, then it’s simply a case of plugging the USB into your computer or laptop and dragging and dropping the files.

i-Dime USBWant to share media with your friends? There’s also a lightning cable gizmo, which holds i-Dime so that other iPhone or iPad users can plug in to see your content. There’s even a micro-USB fixture in case you’ve got friends on #TeamAndroid who want to get a look-in at your superior iPhone snaps.

i-Dime lightningi-Dime has been reeling in storage-hungry backers on Kickstarter, and it has attracted more than enough attention to start worldwide shipping in November this year as planned.

The most basic early bird package up for pre-order is a 32GB i-Dime with a standard USB, micro-USB, lightning cable and case, which sits at $63 (around £47). If you opt for the mammoth 256GB in extra storage plus the case, you’re looking at $279 (around £210).