It's all about filling your living room with fresh air these days.

One of the main concerns of tech these days seems to be the level of air pollution in our homes. And it’s no surprise – according to the makers of this iBaby Air gadget, the air in your home is around 5 times more polluted than the air outside. Euw.

If you’re not down with the idea of your family breathing in nasty toxins while you’re chilling in the living room, you’d do well to give iBaby Air a try. A smart air quality monitor and purifier, iBaby Air is designed to sense the nasty stuff lurking in your home, warn you it’s there, and spread some fresh air to sort out the problem.

iBaby Air is primed to detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide, alcohol and 18 other elements in the air. If the quality of the air drops below a level that’s healthy, it pings a notification to an app on your phone, then begins purifying the air with negative ions.

Its LED ring will gently glow different colours to indicate air quality too, and you can also manually change the colour of the ring from the app on your phone to suit your home décor.

iBaby Air colour changingWhile iBaby Air is perfect for pretty much anyone who wants to breathe cleaner, it’s going to be an invaluable tool for the elderly, people with chronic respiratory diseases or allergies, pet owners and – of course – babies. True to its name, iBaby Air takes extra special care of little ones, with a two-way audio function for doubling as a nursery monitor.

Like all high-performing home gadgets these days, iBaby Air comes with its own phone app too, where you can create charts to log the air quality in your home and track changing levels over time. You don’t have to be an air pollution expert to understand the stats; the app will provide you with helpful suggestions on improving your lifestyle to keep the air in your home lovely and clean.

iBaby Air is about to wrap up a successful Indiegogo campaign and begin shipping, but there’s still time to snatch up an early bird deal. Prices start at $79 (around £60) for a white version, and you can pay a little extra to get light and dark wood versions.