Never tear yourself away from your reflection to answer the phone again.

If your morning routine is 95 percent mirror time, 5 percent making toast time, you’ll be pleased to gaze upon your magnificent mug in the iHome Vanity Mirror.

A double-sided standing mirror with built-in LEDs, speakers, mic and Bluetooth, the iHome Vanity Mirror brings all of your morning entertainment and comms to your favourite place. Your own reflection.

While you’re carefully applying winged eyeliner using the 7X magnified mirror, the speakers beam your morning jam straight from your smartphone . You can even toggle the volume straight from the mirror’s embedded media controls.

iHome Vanity Mirror lifestyleIf somebody calls when you’re in the middling of doing your makeup, you don’t even have to budge to pick up your phone. Just tap the ‘answer’ button, chat away while you’re tweezing, powdering and styling, then press the ‘end’ button to hang up. Easy peasy.

There’s even voice echo cancellation to eliminate that annoying speakerphone effect you usually get when you try and natter with your mate on the phone from across your bedroom. No low battery blues either – you can plug in your phone to the mirror’s handy USB port to power up while you pout.

And to make your morning routine even more of a doddle, the mirror has super bright LEDs that you can switch on and off as you please to see your face as it should be seen – in ultra HD. Magnificent.

The iHome Vanity Mirror is on Amazon for $149.99 (around £116), but it’s US shipping only. If you’re in the UK, you can grab it from Bonanza for £118.