Just head over to one of Ikea's "Solar Shops" this summer to bag yourself a flat-pack wardrobe and a roof-full of solar panels.

If the concept of Ikea selling solar panels sounds familiar to you, that’s because it already tried to do it back in 2013. However, a couple of months after the government announced plans to cut solar subsidies by almost 90 percent, Ikea folded its operation to focus solely on stocking the world with flat-pack furniture and tasty Swedish meatballs.

With this week’s news that Ikea has opened three “Solar Shops” in its Glasgow, Birmingham and Lakeside stores, it seems that the furniture giant is hell-bent on selling us a side-order of solar panels along with our neatly-folded furniture.

When you visit one of Ikea’s Solar Shops, you’ll be met with Ikea’s own staff, who will be on hand to offer advice on guidance on taking the plunge into a solar-powered life. They’ll also be able to give you a provisional quote, before pointing you in the direction of UK solar specialist Solarcentury, who will take you through the design and installation process.

If Ikea’s Solar Shops are a hit, it says it will launch a Solar Shop in all of its UK stores by the end of summer. And while this sounds like a risky move considering the government’s cuts, Ikea points to its own research, which apparently shows that a third of UK homeowners are still interested in buying solar panels to save precious pennies on household energy consumption.