Hanging around the kitchen waiting for water to boil is frankly just desperate. Breezing in to a ready-boiled kettle? That's iKettle.

Three minutes is not a long time by anyone’s watch. Three minutes in kettle time, however, is an absolute lifetime. Remember that time several grey hairs actually sprouted from your head while you were waiting for a brew? Exactly.

Thankfully, one of the age-old problems that smart tech is constantly on a mission to address is our insatiable impatience, and the wait for a cup of tea is finally over. Meet iKettle – the auto-boiling smart kettle that takes orders from an app on your phone.

Fancy a brew while you’re on your way home from work? Not a problem. As long as iKettle is loaded with enough water, you can command it to get ready for a brew just in time for you walking through the door. Going to be late? Ask iKettle to keep the water hot for anything up to 30 minutes longer.

iKettle doesn’t just take orders from you though. It’s smart enough to know when it’s time to do you a favour and boil before you even realise you need it to. Its ‘Welcome Home’ mode means that iKettle will detect when you’re back in the house and ask if you’d like a cup of tea or coffee when you’re still kicking off your shoes. It can also boil the kettle to the exact temperature for a bottle of formula the second it hears a baby cry.

Smarter iKettle app

iKettle lets you customise its boiling schedule so that you’re never waiting for a brew.

Because iKettle know’s we’re a nation of picky artisan coffee drinkers and obscure tea obsessives, it even lets you choose the exact temperature to heat your water to suit your favourite drink. Using the custom dial in the app, you can choose to heat your water to anything between 20 and 100 degrees, with 1 degree accuracy. Never again will your lapsong souchong taste lapsong wrong-wrong (sorry).

Speaking of which, if you do happen to hit upon the perfect iKettle setting for your tea or coffee of choice, you can save those settings to use again later. Maybe you like to make coffee at an instant drinking temperature in the morning, but prefer a boiling hot cup o’ joe to cradle lovingly in your hands in the evening. That’s fine – just tap your morning coffee button when you wake up to start the day just the way you like it.

The lovely thing about iKettle is that it’s an English-born kettle – so it certainly knows a thing or two about the art of drinking tea. It’s maker, Smarter, is the British brain behind the Smarter Coffee Machine. You can grab iKettle for £99 here.