Whether you're planning the party of the year or simply looking to liven up your dull decor, these LED light strips are a winner.

Good lighting is everything. It brings a room to life, brightens up dull corners and makes your space a cosy haven. But smart lighting? That’s a whole other world. Get ready to be transported to the weird, wonderful and wacky land of ilumi Smartstrips…

ilumi SmartstripsCurrently raking in funding over on Kickstarter, ilumi Smarstrips are Bluetooth-powered, app-controlled LED light strips that you can stick on walls, doors, cupboards and in your garden to make a veritable light show at home.

With the power to shine multicolour or almost any shade of white, they can be individually programmed with their own lighting effects and preset schedule to transform your boring space with endless lighting moods.

Stick them under your kitchen cupboards to cast rainbow colours on your worktops, under your bed to emit a soothing nightlight glow, or even outside to liven up your pool party. They’re water-resistant with an IP65 rating, so they’ll withstand splashes from your guests – and the sky.

ilumi Smartstrip 2When you’re not dipping into the app’s bank of preset effects, which includes a flickering bedtime candle and a gentle morning sunrise, you can link your ilumi Smartstrips to your Spotify account or other music apps on your phone to make that snake of LEDs flash in time to the beat.

Each ilumi Smartstrip comes with an adhesive backing for easy installation, and can be trimmed to 12 inch long strips to let you customise smaller spaces. All you need to do is snip them to your preferred length, peel off the backing, stick them in place and connect them to a power source.

ilumi Smartstrips bedroomilumi Smartstrips have a Bluetooth range of up to 150, but when they’re connected together, the closest Smartstrip in range will send the message to other out-of-range Smartstrips connected to it. You can create light snakes with multiple units up to a whopping 33 feet long.

If you want to bag yourself some of these super-smart glow sticks, you can jump in line now and get them for an early bird price. The current best deal on Kickstarter sits at $59 (£45.50) for 2 metres of ilumi Smartstrips.