It's the home phone - reinvented.

Ahh, the home telephone. That almost obsolete device in a dusty corner of your living room that only gets calls these days from PPI pesterers or call centres wondering whether you or anyone in your family has worked with heavy machinery in the past ten years.

It’s true – we all get by pretty well with just our smartphones. But when it comes to staying in touch with your family, there must be a better, more personal way to keep the connection strong. That, folks, is where Ily comes in.

Ily is a smart phone for your home like no other. Plug it into your existing landline connection, add family contacts on both iOS and Android, and Ily gives puts you a single tap away from immersive communication with the ones you love.

Send a text message, chat on the phone, hold a video call, record a clip, or even let the kids send a doodle, note or a photo. It’s all possible from Ily’s sleek, clear HD screen just by tapping the avatar of whoever you want to speak to. In it’s maker’s words, it’s so simple a toddler can video call her grandma.

Ily kids

Ily is safe and simply enough for the kids to call up their favourite gran.

Unlike the grainy, jumpy video calls we sometimes have on our smartphones, Ily promises lightning fast HD video call with no delays. It’s equipped with stereo speakers and full-range microphones too, so your family won’t miss a word. Speaking of which – in case you really want to keep hold of those treasured family memories over the phone line, you can save photos and clips to the Ily Life section of the app for everyone to enjoy.

If you want to take your call elsewhere, you can always use the colourful detachable handset. You’ll still get the high quality comms of Ily wherever in house you happen to wander off with it. It’s magnetic, so it sits securely when you pop it back in its slot. When it comes to securing Ily, the screen can either lie flat on its back, or be propped up with a pull-out stand.

One of the best bits? No more junk calls. Although Ily is connected to your existing landline service, it doesn’t have a number. It simply creates a closed network between you and your contacts, so you’ll never have to fob off those annoying call centres again.

If you’re ready to take your family comms to the next level, you can head over to Kickstarter where Ily is busy raking in funding from backers. Pre-order prices start at $159 (£110), and the expected release date is August 2016.