Take conference calls like a pro, chat with a comfortable handset and just enjoy pretending you're a high-flying executive from the 1990s.

Mobile phones do so much more than just make calls these days – which is great, but sadly it also means they’re not that comfortable or practical for hours of nattering. If you’re a serial talker or a conference call hound after a solution, you should grab this Invoxia NVX 200 smartphone dock.

Acting as a Bluetooth speaker, a charging dock and a desk phone all at once, the NVX 200 transforms your smartphone into a cord handset for your desktop. Simply dock any smartphone into the device, access, dial in the old-fashioned way and pick up the super-comfy handset to chat in style.

Invoxia NVX 200 smartphone dockThe – let’s face it – retro-style telephone base gives you access to your call lists in an instant, and lets you browse your contacts and add 10 number shortcuts for quick and easy dialling. You can answer calls, dial calls, chat to one or several people on a conference call, and even chat via your favourite apps like Skype, WhatsApp and Facetime.

It’s basically everything your fancy phone does, with a much-needed injected of old-school phone tech.

invoxia-nvx-200As well as making your important office chats easy and painless, the NVX 200 also comes with patented tech to cancel microphone noise and room reverberation, giving you high-quality audio even through that handset. No more embarrassing misunderstandings over your cranky conference call phone.

The NVX 200 comes with a system of adaptors to guarantee any Apple, Android, Windows or Blackberry device fits snugly in the dock. It even works with tablets.

If you’re sold on it, you can head over to Invoxia’s website to snap it up. It’s not the for casual chatter, though; it’ll set you back $249 (around £192).