It could finally put full smart home control within a single iPhone app.

iOS 10 is likely to come with a dedicated Apple HomeKit app for controlling your entire world of smart home gadgets from a single platform.

That’s the word from MacRumors, anyway, who spotted an Amazon review written by an Apple employee claiming the next iteration of Apple’s iOS operating system will have a “standalone” HomeKit app when it launches later this year.

The reviewer didn’t specify exactly how the app would work, but from the snippet of the review MacRumors shared, it certainly sounds like Apple is aiming for a smart home omniarch to rule all gadgets:

“Some advice, there are many third party applications, most free, that offer more control and customization(s) with many Smart Home devices. “Yonomi” is a free app that I often use, “Home” is another which cost $14.99. Both offer support for many devices with more added daily (including Amazon “Echo”). The next version of iOS due this fall will have a standalone “HomeKit” app as well.”

Currently, Apple HomeKit users have to use multiple third-party and product apps to run their smart home, with Apple HomeKit merely acting as the gateway between them and their devices. If the Amazon review is anything to go by, this could be a big shift in Apple HomeKit’s presence in the smart home.

iOS 10 is set to launch in Autumn, but given the HomeKit app’s rumoured release has not been officially confirmed by Apple, there’s still the chance that it might not materialise. We’ll keep our fingers firmly crossed…