Apple's iPad Pro has just hit the shops, and along with a super-sized screen and furiously powerful brain, there's enough storage space to make your home computer nervous.


The iPad Pro has a dual-core A9X processor, to be be precise, with a whopping 4 gigabytes of RAM – the same as Macbook Air. That makes iPad Pro twice as fast as its big brother, iPad Air 2, with the potential to be your new favourite tablet-laptop hybrid.

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We say ‘big brother’… iPad may be the baby of the Apple family outside of phones, but the Pro’s crystal-clear retina display stretches to a whopping 12.9 inches wide and boasts 5.6 million pixels, which is the highest pixel-count of all iOS devices.

Apple says that its iPad Pro also benefits from a re-engineered multitouch screen, which should make it more of a nifty tool for design purposes in programs like Word, and sketching apps like Procreate. Not to mention larking around with games.

Speaking of apps, one of the iPad Pro’s real godsends is that all of its home apps are so efficient, they use less than 140MB, freeing up tons of space for you to download apps and store your own data.

Apple is offering three version of iPad Pro. There’s a 32GB version (£670) and a 128GB version (£799), or you can get the 128GB version with cellular connectivity (£899), if you wish.

When it comes to extra gadgets, there’s an optional smart keyboard in case we piqued your interest at ‘tablet-laptop hybrid’, and also the Apple Pencil – a handy stylus for precision tapping and swiping.

It’s available now in silver, gold, and space grey.


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