Never have to email yourself again with the handy DeskConnect app for all of your Apple iThings.

Congratulations! If you’ve read this far, you’re must be the proud owner of at least two of the following shiny devices: Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. On the downside, there’s also the strong possibility that you have, at some point, resorted to the downright demoralising act of emailing yourself content to access it on your many devices. It’s a cruel world, folks.

Thanks to the DeskConnect app, though, there’s a more dignified, convenient way to create a vital link between your many iThings. The self-titled ‘missing link between all your devices’, DeskConnect gives you the ability to move web pages, documents, pictures, audio, YouTube videos, and more between your Apple gadgets in a single click (or tap).

With DeskConnect, you can send driving directions from your Mac to Google Maps on your iPhone, transfer a photo from your phone to your iPad, and even start a phone call from your Mac’s desktop. No fiddly file conversion process, no usage limits, no fuss – just one magical way to teleport content from one place to another in a jiffy.

The DeskConnect app is free to download here. You’ll need to have it installed on all of your devices to make it work.

  • Arthur Dardalis

    Sounds good but why not just use Air Drop between iOS and OS X ????