Float in space, swim with sharks and climb Mount Everest simply by reaching inside your pocket with this nifty case that turns any iPhone into a virtual reality headset.

Figment is a light, slim case that snaps onto your iPhone and lets you dive into immersive VR worlds at the drop of a hat.

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Unlike a lot of VR headsets for mobiles that add bulk and aren’t easy to carry around, Figment is custom-fitted to be as slim as any regular iPhone case. When you want to use it as a VR headset, all you need to do is fold out the cleverly-concealed viewer lens, and proceed with your high-octane virtual adventures.

When you’re ready to return to earth, simply snap Figment’s viewer back in to restore it to its former iPhone case shape and size, slip your phone back in your pocket, and try and get on with your normal life as if you haven’t just been rocking out on stage with Paul McCartney, or wielding a make-believe lightsaber.

The headset is so cunningly disguised as an iPhone case that all of your phone’s ports, camera lenses, and buttons are left open for quick and easy access. When you’re not using Figment as a headset, you can use your phone as normal.

For any mobile VR novices wondering how a tiny headset can possibly take you to the bottom of the sea or the top of a mountain, the secret is apps. Lots of them. There are tons like Google Cardboard, Discovery Channel, and Roller Coaster VR that bring fully-immersive virtual movies, concerts, games, and outdoor adventures to your Figment VR case.

There’s even a Porsche VR app that lets you test-drive a Porsche. All you need to do is grab yourself a new car-scented air-freshener, hang it somewhere within smelling range, like maybe your ear, and you’re as close to the real-life experience as it gets without actually being in a Porsche.

The really cool part is that you can invite your friends along for the ride. Like this:

Figment is designed to be compatible with all iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 6s Plus models. It’s made from plastic, armoured with super-protective silicone rubber, and also has a scratch-resistant lens, so you won’t have to start treating your phone like a rare and precious artefact. Just chuck it in your bag like normal when you’re done with the fun.

Line up for a Figment Virtual Reality iPhone case over on its Kickstarter page, where you can nab an early bird deal for just $49 (£32).


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