Time to admit we're all terrified of the dark and desperately need one of these gadgets...

Update: With 900 backers F.Lens raised an amazing €22,109 – you can now keep following this project on their website.

Your smartphone torch is a handy little thing for lighting up those killers steps up to your house after dark, but when it comes to hairy moments walking through the woods at night, it casts a pretty puny light.


Instead of carrying a separate flashlight with you, this F.lens gizmo wants you milk that smartphone camera for all its worth. With a tight-focussed scratch-proof lens that clips over your smartphone’s LED light, F.lens turns your phone into a tight-focussed flashlight that helps you see loads further in the dark. It works by collecting the light emitted by your smartphone’s LED, and then projecting that light into a tighter, brighter, denser beam that can light up objects in your path metres away. Check out the difference it makes:F.lens comparison pics

Unlike a bulky torch, F.lens only takes up the tiniest of spaces in your bag. Its just the size of a screw, and comes with its own lanyard for attaching to your keyring when you’re not using it. It’s really easy to stick it to your phone too – even when you’re trembling with fear in the dark. It snaps on quickly with a strong magnet and small rear washer, keeping it comfortably flush against your phone.


As well as being the perfect and lightweight little add-on tool for power cuts, camping, dog walkers, and pretty much all of your scaredy-cat moments by moonlight, F.lens doubles as a useful light aid for shooting video with that lovely smartphone camera in total darkness.

F.lens is compatible with iPhones, some Android phones, and select Windows phones. It’s currently bringing in funding over on Kickstarter, with pre-order prices starting at just €18 (£14). Its release date and worldwide shipping kick-off is set for July 2016 if the campaign can get enough funding.