Having fun snapping action shots with your shiny new iPhone's Live Photos feature? Google's new app is about to make it even more magical.

Live Photos is a cool feature that Apple injected into its iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus last year that lets you capture the funny, romantic, heart-warming and intriguingly innocuous moments just before and after you tap the shutter button.

You can view these mini action sequences by pressing and holding your phone screen, but there’s no way to actually save and share them, which is a bit of a bummer when photo-sharing and GiF-gifting is one of the best things about having a phone these days.

If you’ve been frustrated by that particular limitation of Live Photos, you’ll be pleased to to hear that none other than Google has come to the rescue. Its newly launched iPhone app, Motion Stills, is specifically designed to let you turn your Live Photos sequences into looping GIFs and videos that you can edit, save and share to your heart’s content.Motion Stills kids

After you’ve taken a sequence of shots, just swipe right to ask Motions Stills to works its charm. It will automatically stabilise and render your shots to reduce blurriness and counteract your shaky camera skills, and even attempt to crop out boring moments where you’re just putting your phone back in your pocket.

After that, you’ll be left with an editable, shareable GIF or video loop of your Live Photos moment that you can share as it is on Facebook, WhatsApp or other social channels, or edit further to turn it into a longer live-action movie. Pretty nifty, eh?

Motion Stills girl

You can download Motion Stills for free from the app store, or if you’re a poor old Android user, check out some Live Photos equivalents like GIF Camera, Fyuse and Phogy.