Keep your home warm, cosy, and safe using your iPhone with the Apple HomeKit-ready Honeywell Lyric thermostat.

Honeywell Lyric Round is a smart thermostat that lets you control a whole host of smart heating functions from the comfort of your trusty iPhone.

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With the ability to create heating schedules, manage maintenance, and get handy alerts about your home to your phone from a single app on your iPhone or Apple Watch, Lyric Round is the perfect smart thermostat for smart home-savvy Apple lovers.

In even better news, Honeywell just announced that they’ve made Lyric Round compatible with the Apple HomeKit system. This means anyone already commanding a fleet of smart home gadgets using the HomeKit app can seamlessly add Lyric Round to the mix and have it work in harmony with their existing set-up.

Whether’s it’s having your kitchen lights switch on with the heating in the morning, or your house cool down when your motion sensors detect you’ve walked out the door, you can have Lyric Round perform all sorts of nifty, time-saving tricks from the HomeKit app.

If you like, you can even tell the thermostat what to do using Siri. A simple, “Siri, turn on the heating”, for example, should do the trick when you’re too lazy to lift a finger to do it yourself.

Lyric Round’s other tricks include geofencing, which basically means it uses your phone’s location to know when you’re home or away. It also sends alerts to your phone when your system needs maintenance, or if there’s ever an issue like a water leak or a sudden drop in temperature.

Honeywell Lyric Round is set to land in shops at the beginning of February, and will cost $249 (£175). You can pre-order it from


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