There's a secret emoticon keyboard hiding in your iPhone, and here's how you can find it.


Before our yellow-faced emoji friends invaded social media, emoticons like this little fella (^○^)/ were our adorable – if rather time-consuming – go-to guys when words just weren’t enough. But thanks to a discovery by Mashable, iPhone users can now access over 100 awesome emoticons with just a single tap.

First, you’ll need to go into your iPhone’s keyboard settings in the ‘General settings’ menu, and click ‘Add new keyboard’. You’ll see this option for a Japanese Kana keyboard, which you’ll need to add:

Japanese Kana keyboardOnce the Kana keyboard is installed, tap on the globe icon on the bottom left of your keyboard. You’ll now see a smiley face like this one next to the icon:

iPhone emoticon

Scroll up, and you’ll land in your new library of crazy faces for every occasion. It’s as simple as that… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Images via Mashable.