This isn’t your vintage Polaroid anymore…

Nothing makes you more nostalgic for the past than going through your old photos, more so when they were taken on a Polaroid camera. There’s just something about the grainy film, the capturing of a fleeting moment and their amateur feel that makes them such a great memento.

Turns out Polaroid fans are in luck then, because The Impossible Project has announced they are launching a brand new camera for the original format. Meet the I-1…
Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.49.01

Described as the ‘Original Instant Camera. Reinvented,’ the I-1 combines the satisfaction of an instant Polaroid with the sleek digital control of your favourite app. That’s right, there is now an app for your Polaroid.

Like a traditional Polaroid, to work the camera, you just pop in your Impossible type 600 film into the I-1, take your photo and watch it develop on the film. But seeing as this is the 21st century, the camera has a load of new gadgets to play with. It operates on a USB rechargeable battery and connects via Bluetooth to an app on your phone, which gives you manual control over the camera. Just some of the features includes taking your pictures remotely, choosing your shutter speed, flash settings and using creative tools like long exposure all from your phone.

So really, nothing like your old Polaroid then?

Be forewarned though, the I-1 looks to cost you a hefty £212 and, as with any Polaroid camera, the film doesn’t come cheap either. An 8-pack of photos is likely to set you back £17. But hey, when you have an app to take all your pictures, we don’t think you’ll waste a single photo. Happy snapping!

  • Grraargh

    They only have an amateur feel if the camera/lens/photographer isn’t very good!