Turn that slimline little iPhone into the ultimate filming beast with this super gadget case.

Sometimes a gadget comes along that reminds us that the humble iPhone isn’t even halfway to reaching its final form yet, and this iOgrapher phone case is one of them.

Made from a durable polycarbonate plastic and kitted out with handles, mounting points and cut-outs galore, iOgrapher lets you rig your trusty iPhone with all the bells and whistles it needs to become a pro filmmaking tool.

To get this monster gadget case up and running, twist in one of iOgrapher’s line of specially made lenses or your own into the 37mm lens thread, screw in a tripod or mount, and pop on a mic, light, flash or reflector. Want to film in portrait mode? Just flip it round with the easy-grip handles and make use of the accessory ports on the side of the iOgrapher case.

Whether you’re a video journalist, broadcaster, Periscope streamer or just a guy with an iPhone who wants to be the next Steven Spielberg, iOgrapher is a great way to make the most out of your clever little iThing.

You can buy the iOgrapher for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus for $59.99 (£42), but that’s sans accessories. If you want to start off with some ready-made iOgrapher add-ons, you can jump straight in with the iOgrapher Filmmaking Bundle, which comes with a 37mm wide-angle lens and a 37mm 2x telephoto lens. That package is $119.99 (£85), but you can pay a bit more to get more useful gizmos thrown in.

Haven’t got an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus yet? You can grab iOgrapher cases for practically all kinds of iThings, including older iPhone models and iPads. Explore the entire range here.