An alert on your iPhone's lock screen might reveal if you've got a snooping boss.

Apple’s yet to be released iOS version 9.3 will include a feature that lets you know if your boss is closely monitoring your phone.

The revelation was made by Reddit user MaGNeTiX using an iPhone with 9.3 beta, who posted these screenshots of a warning message on the bottom of the phone’s lock screen, and on the About page of the phone’s General settings:iPhone monitoring message

The warning message is limited to work phones being managed under Apple’s Device Enrolment Program, a scheme that lets companies and manage vast numbers of employee devices like phones, tablets, and laptops. It essentially means a company’s IT department can monitor and locate any devices managed by the software.

As iOS 9.3 is still beta, there’s no telling whether Apple will keep the feature when the update eventually rolls out. It’s also not clear whether the alert will be issued in real-time to let you know the moment you’re being spied on, or whether it’ll just be a there every time you lock your phone to remind you that your phone activity isn’t necessarily private.