This clever app uses facial recognition tech to auto-send your photos to the right friends.

Ever forgotten that you need to send that great photo you took to a friend? Nope, you haven’t, because they will never let you forget. And if you want a simple solution to the chaos of your beautifully-curated photo gallery on your phone that all your friends want in on, you need look no further than Knoto.

Thanks to Knoto, sharing photos is something that happens as if by magic. Knoto is a clever app that uses facial recognition tech to automatically send all of your photos to the people in them.

All you have to do with Knoto is set up a contact list, snap a shot of your friend, sit back, and wait for the photo to miraculously appear on their phone. They don’t even have to have the app; Knoto will either text or email if they’re not yet a Knoto user.

Knoto photo app iPhoneWhen then photo arrives, it’ll first appear as an Instagram-sized thumbnail on the recipient’s phone. It only actually gets saved to their phone’s memory when they choose to download it, meaning their phone data doesn’t have to get clogged up without their permission.

What’s cool is that you can also set up little recipes for certain friends to automatically receive photos of other friends. This is great if you’re taking photos of children whose parents might want to see the action, or if you’ve got a big friend group who can’t always be together.

The big question on everyone’s lips at this point is probably: Will it recognise my dog so I can spam my friends with an endless camera roll of cute faces? And the answer to that is: we have no idea. But by all means give it a go.

The sharing fun is currently only available for iOS devices, but like all great apps, it’s probably only a matter of time before Androiders get a look-in. You can download it from the app store here.