Tracking your workout has possibly never been so high-fashion. Ralph Lauren has designed a shirt that sends your workout data to your iPhone via Bluetooth.

The PoloTech Shirt is intertwined with silver fibres that track metrics such as your heart rate, breathing depth, and balance, and stream them to your phone via a discreet little detachable Bluetooth box.


The paired PoloTech app then creates adaptive workouts of varying intensity based on your stats, so you can tailor your workouts based on what your body is telling your shirt.


Videos within in the app help guide you through elements of your adaptive workout such as cardio and agility exercises, and the app will tell you exactly what equipment you’ll need, from a set of dumbbells right down to a bottle of water and a towel.


Of course, it’s Ralph Lauren, so it’s going to look good. The PoloTech Shirt has a sleek, streamline design with a crew neckline and flat seams to ensure a comfortable fit.


And the tech part is discreet. Save for the little Bluetooth box, which could probably be mistaken for a mere embellishment anyway, it’s not obvious you’re wearing a complex piece of sartorial technology. It’s machine washable too – just make sure you remove the Bluetooth box first.


So, fancy updating your wardrobe in more than one sense of the phrase? You can buy a PoloTech Shirt from for $295.