From discussing the ever-growing issue of data protection and online privacy, to unveiling enough new or updated gadgets to make your head spin, here are our top picks from today's Apple’s keynote speech event.

1. Apple Watch 

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 18.50.16

With new smart watches added to the market every week and the rise of cheaper models, Apple has gone with the fresh approach to the design by announcing a new Spring Line to accessorise your smart watch.  The latest bands include new colours for the sports edition and a space-black Milanese loop so the Apple watch will soon look better than ever. Prices for the watch will start at $299 (£207) but no news yet on any added feature or release dates.

2. Apple TV: tvOS

Apple Insider Apple TV

It was good news for Apple TV users because the latest software sounds pretty useful. The upgrade for tvOS sees over 5,000 new apps, the ability to stream live photos, dictation to enter text on screen including usernames and passwords, and a change to your home screen to include folders for your apps.

One of the biggest updates is Siri as you can now use voice activation for scrolling, browsing and controlling for a more personalised and intuitive approach. tvOS is a free update that all Apple TV users can download from today.

3. iPhone SE

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 18.48.58

The iphone 6 and 6 plus welcomed in bigger phones and wider screens but the latest iPhone has been scaled down. Apple is “welcoming a new member to the iPhone family” with the smaller iPhone SE that is the most powerful 4-inch yet.

Expect the most graphic intensive screen and a 640bit A9 chip, which means it has the same processing performance as the iPhone 6s but double the speed of a 5s. The SE also tracks your fitness all day and uses the hands-free‘hey Siri’ approach for voice activation.

The new capabilities make it more powerful but with improved battery performance. You can also take live photos to make still photos come to life and the front-facing camera now features a 3x brighter resolution and flash so you can take better selfies.

So, ignore it’s small size, and expect faster internet, better camera quality and faster performance speeds. Prices start from $399 (£277) which is their “most affordable price ever” with US shipping starting this Thursday and UK shipping to follow shortly.

4. New iPad pro

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 18.51.13
The massive iPad pro was certainly not handbag friendly and was considered a great creative and professional platform to use for work and play. The latest iPad is thinking along the same lines but includes a 9.7 inch retina display and only weighs one pound. It’s the same size as the original iPad but this one boasts pro-display, high contrast resolution, sharp text, pro audio systems with 4 speakers and the fastest processing chip ever.

The most innovative development is the addition of TrueTone display which “measures the colour temperature of ambient light, and adjusts the sensors to match.” iPads will now automatically measure the lighting of a room and adjust the display to fit the mood. Their example was the way a piece of paper reflects warm or cool lighting depending on the environment, and now your technology can do the same.

Pro accessories include an optimised smart keyboard and the Apple pencil. Prices start from $599 (£416) for 32gb and this upgrade now includes a whopping 256gb memory for 900 dollars.

5. ios9.3


The latest software update has been in the development and testing stages for a while so rumours, reports and gossip have been going around for some time. The keynote confirmed some new innovations and improvements including the Night-Shift function which aims to give people a better night’s sleep by reducing the amount of blue light which has been shown to affect your sleep pattern. Night-shift tracks the day and shifts to warmer colours towards the evening to hopefully help you sleep better.

It will also include a reboot for your Notes app with password protection using a passcode or fingerprint, as well as a more personalised approach to the Health app with handy app suggestions and advice now added. Apple News now has over 50 million active users so it will become faster and more personalised with top stories, trending topics and editor’s picks. iOS9.3 will be a free update but will take around 2GB to download so start deleting your unwanted pictures and apps now to prepare.

So, there you have it. As they gear up towards their 40th birthday in April, Apple had a lot to live up to and it’s fair to say that Apple has stepped up their game. Looks like we’ll be expecting the usual chaos and queues at every Apple store in the foreseeable future

Also, remember to check back tomorrow for more juicy gossip and handy tips for Apple fans.