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Otterbox Resurgence – Serious iPhone pocket powerOtterBox Resurgence

Your iPhone is a delicate little flower that deserves a knight in shining armour, and this OtterBox Resurgence iPhone case wants to be that hero.

A sturdy military-grade drop-resistant case with wireless charging chops, OtterBox Resurgence will automatically juice up your phone while it’s in your pocket and protect your screen and the hard edges of your phone from damage when you fling the thing on the floor.

That built-in wireless brain will more than double the battery capacity of your iPhone, prolonging your precious time with your screen without you needing to go anywhere near a cable or socket. It simply charges when it knows it’s needed while you’re going about your business, and auto-stops when your iPhone’s tank is full.

You can even sync files wirelessly too, or sync and charge with a cable if you happen to have a lightning cable lying around.

Mighty Mug – The drunk-proof pint glassMighty Mug beer glass

We’ve all spilled a drink or two in our time – we’re mere humans, after all. Sometimes very drunk ones. But that doesn’t make it any less gut-wrenching when you watch a claggy pub carpet soak up your favourite blonde ale. It’s time to grab Mighty Mug’s beer glass and finally put an end to the horror.

With patented Smartgrip technology in its base, Mighty Mug’s beer glass comes with the tantalising promise that it can’t be spilled. Seriously. Tap it, slap it, knock it, punch it – bop it, if you will – and it will remain standing tall like a majestic warrior of receptacles.

Its secret? That Smartgrip tech enables it to create a powerful airlock when you set it down. It grips to any smooth or solid surface – be it a table, patio, or your camping table.

Once it’s super-suctioned itself in place, it can withstand knocks from 360˚. That includes everything from an accidentally elbowing to your mate accidentally chucking their wallet at your drink.

A beer glass isn’t Mighty Mug’s only offering for us hapless drinkers. It has a whole barware collection that includes a whisky tumbler and a wine glass that are equally as impervious to our clumsy ways.

If you’re ready to bid farewell to spillages for good, you can grab a pair of wine glasses, beer or lager glasses, or whisky tumblers from Mighty Mug’s online shop. It’s $29.99 (around £23) for two no-spill glasses.

Mountek Grip Qi – Your perfect iPhone roadieMountek Grip Qi

If you want to prime your phone for life on wheels, you need to grab Mountek Grip Qi.

A car mount for your iPhone or Android phone or tablet, Mountek Grip Qi lets you quickly snap your device at dashboard level for a super-quick getaway. It fits in your car’s CD slot, or failing that, your car’s air vent, and secures your device with soft silicone gel arms for a secure and comfy journey.

That’s all well and good – your favourite sat nav is right where you can see it and your music app is just a tap away – but that doesn’t really solve the fact that your phone battery is going to get guzzled up like nobody’s business. That, ladies and gentleman, is where Mountek Grip Qi gets really crafty.

With a wireless charging brain hidden within, Mountek Grip Qi can juice up your gadgets with up to 14 watts of fast charging power.. If you’ve got a newer Samsung phone (S3 through to S7), it should already be Qi-ready, and Mountek promises to make a Qi-enabled iPhone case if it hits its funding goal on Kickstarter.

The great news is that Mountek Grip Qi stormed past its funding goal on Kickstarter, and is taking pre-orders at $48 (£37) for an estimated delivery in July this year. Prices go up to $155 (£118) depending on the add-ons and bundle you’re after.

Ginkgo – The prettiest phone charger ever?Ginkgo solar tree charging

If you’re on a mission to reduce your carbon footprint and you’re sick of plugging in your phone charger into awkward places like behind the sofa and under your bedside cabinet, you’ll probably feel like hugging this Ginkgo solar tree.

Designed to look like its real-life namesake, the Japanese Ginkgo tree, this elegant tabletop bamboo stalk has a series of sleek solar panels instead of leaves to catch the battery-boosting rays of the sun.

The sunlight it catches powers a 4.000 mAH rechargeable lithium battery, which can rapidly charge your phone in around two hours when it’s plugged in via USB.

The base of the tree has a handy grip that lets you prop up your phone or tablet while it’s juicing up, and you can also wrap the cable around the tree to keep it neatly tucked out of the way.

On a full tank of sunshine, the Ginkgo Solar Tree can charge your phone twice over before needing another session in the sun, and you can press an indicator on the base at any time to see the tree’s battery status in LED lights.

You’ll be delighted to hear that the tree is as friendly on your wallet as it is on the environment. It’s £89.95 from its maker XD Design’s online shop, which should more than pay for itself when you start to notice those electricity bills shrinking.

Bagel – A DIY tool you didn’t realise you neededBagel tape measure wheel mode

A Kickstarter sensation that has monumentally smashed its funding goal into tiny pieces, the Bagel smart tape measure is a Bluetooth tool that will beam instant measurements of objects and surfaces to an app on your phone.

First up in Bagel’s trio of measuring tricks is String Mode – a practical alternative to your run of the mill tape measure.

Next is Wheel Mode, which is perfect if you’re in a compromising position with one hand on the tape measure and the other holding up an entire shelf. Just roll Bagel’s curved edge along the floor and it will calculate how far you’ve rolled it.

Finally, there’s Remote Mode. This nifty feature uses a built-in ultrasonic laser pointer to tell you how far away objects are. Just press a button, point the laser, and Bagel will recognise any distance up to 5 metres away.

Once you’ve taken a measurement you can even add a voice memo describing what you’ve measured, and the app will convert it to text and tag your measurement for safekeeping.

If Bagel is the tape measure you’ve been dreaming of (we won’t judge you), you can hop in line for an early bird deal right now. The current pre-order price is $61 (£52). Worldwide shipping is set for November 2016.

Star Trek Communicator – Beam me up, Bluetooth!Star Trek Communicator

Want to look this slick every time you answer your phone? This fully-functioning Star Trek Communicator, available for pre-order right now, is going to get you one big step closer to being a modern-day Captain Kirk.

Brought to you by The Wand Company – also responsible for a replica Doctor Who sonic screwdriver and a real (sort of) magic wand – the Bluetooth-powered speakerphone lets you answer your calls Spok-style with the classic flip action.

You can dial calls using voice activation too – just press and hold a button on the side and give your command. This is definitely the excuse you’ve been waiting for to change your best friend’s name in your phone to Scotty.

Depending on whether you’re on an iPhone or Android device, you can also call in on Siri and Google now for virtual assistance by pressing a button and saying the word.

Star Trek CommunicatorWhat’s seriously cool is that the Communicator is actually moulded from 3D scans of the last known prop to exist, making it an Enterprise-worthy gadget indeed.

To really make you feel close to your intergalactic idols, the Communicator is preloaded with 20 authentic voice clips and original sound effects that you can trigger at the push of a button.

As far as replicas go, the Communicator doesn’t actually carry a wallet-killing price tag. You can pre-order it in the UK from Firebox or Forbidden Planet for £120.

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