It snaps on to almost any remote-controlled device in your life to inject it with an IoT brain.

Want to ditch remote controls forever? iRBeacon could be your saviour. It’s a tiny little gizmo that sticks to your gadgets to let you control the lot from your phone.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted your music to play when you walk into the kitchen in the morning, or you’d like to be able to switch your TV on while you walk through the front gate. iRBeacon is the tiny little cube that can make it happen.

iRBeacon musiciRBeacon is laden with infrared tech and Bluetooth, making it compatible with a whole host of home gadgets that normally require a remote control. Be it your “dumb” hi-fi player, TV, DSLR or even your air-con, iRBeacon gives it the smart chops to put remote control at your fingertips.

With the iRBeacon app on your phone, you can schedule your devices, set timers and program proximity control to have them respond to your presence. iRBeacon has a range of around 50 metres, so it’s more than capable of serving the average-sized home.

iRBeacon iPhone appThe app has a nice clean layout with simple icons to make controlling your devices a breeze, but if you’re too lazy to pick up your phone to toggle settings, you can always use your voice. Yep, iRBeacon even brings voice control to the table.

Got smart home gadgets? iRBeacon is compatible with a large and constantly expanding range of IoT networks and smart home hubs, letting you control your connected gadgets through the same app from anywhere in the world. It has mesh networking capabilities for this job, so no distance is too far.

iRBeacon coinThe great thing with iRBeacon is that is will grow with your collection of gadgets, getting new features and capabilities as its makers tweak and improve it. Future plans include being able to toggle DSLR capabilities like long exposure, time lapse, interval shutter, shutter delay and selfies from the iRBeacon app.

The device itself runs for more than a year on a single coin cell battery. You can buy it now for $37 (around £30), which includes shipping. Multi-packs are available too, which is going to be tons more fun. You can grab a pack of 5 iRBeacons for $109 (around £89) – again including shipping.