Iris is a smart hub by Lowe's that puts the power of home automation at your fingertips from a single app on your phone.

Every living, breathing smart home needs a beating heart to keep the blood pumping, and that’s where Lowe’s Iris comes in. This super-smart home hub wirelessly tethers an entire army of smart gadgets to a single app, turning your phone into a magic wand for making smart stuff happen.

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To get started, you’ll need to choose a few little accessories from Lowe’s own range of singing, dancing smart home products like motion sensors, connected key fobs, smart plugs, leak sensors, garage door controllers, and tons more.

Fancy arriving in the kitchen every morning to lights on, blinds open, and a boiled kettle? With a few smart plugs and some of Iris’s trickery, now you can. Want the TV to switch on automatically when you walk in a room? Add a smart plug and motion sensor, and the power is in your hands.

With Iris, you can have a whole host of smart home gadgets work together like a finely-tuned orchestra, to make life easier. Connect your security camera to your motion sensors, your smart lock to your smart thermostat’s heating schedule, and even your alarm clock to your coffee machine.

Screw it. Go wild. Connect your TV to your multicolour lightbulbs. The catflap to your Bluetooth speakers. The garage door to your iron. Why, you ask? Because you can.

Iris’s fleet of smart accessories gives you command over aspects of your life you never thought possible. With the After-School Watch system in place, you can now get notification sent to your phone the moment the kids step through the door carrying their own Iris key fob. You can then make sure they get on with their homework too by adding a smart plugs to the TV to limit distractions – all within your control, of course, via the app.

There are even some incredibly clever gizmos for caring for elderly and vulnerable relatives from afar, like a Senior Care Pendant that keeps your loved ones safe and connected in case of emergencies. With a contact sensor on their fridge or cabinet, you can have peace of mind that they’re eating enough with notifications every time they open the door.

For safety in your own home, Iris lets you set up clever systems like CO Watch, which means that if your CO sensor is triggered, a siren will sound, your ceiling fan will spring to life, and your bedroom light will switch on. Pretty clever.

If that’s not enough, Iris is compatible with products from brands like ZigBee, Honeywell, AllJoyn, and tons more.

You can pick up an Iris smart home hub for just $60 (£40). Two plans are available via the app: a completely free basic plan to control everything using your phone, and a premium plan at $9.99 (£7) per month which lets you create rules and schedules for your fleet smart home devices.


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