Prepare to seriously level up your garden pest control game with this terrifying ProHawk UAV bird of prey drone.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well, it’s kind of both. Meet ProHawk UAV, the bird-scaring predator drone that could possibly be the world’s most elaborate, and petrifying, scarecrow.

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Designed to look and sound like a real life bird of prey (at least to other birds, anyway), ProHawk UAV can be programmed to fly autonomously in a specific area of the sky to ward off pesky birds from pecking at your garden.

You can manually set way points to make ProHawk UAV follow a set flight path anywhere in the sky you like. its onboard GPS and four sturdy propellors should make sure it doesn’t stray off track. Or if you’re feeling particularly anti-avian, you can control ProHawk UAV manually using its remote control and chase off the bad guys yourself.

The real stroke of genius, however, is ProHawk’s sound effects. With an onboard sonic sound unit, the drone can emit the sound of threatening bird calls as it swoops over your precious crops. You can choose from a number of pre-set caw-caw sounds, including those of select birds of prey, and the shrill quacking of the slightly less scary sounding Canada Goose.

If you’re after a humane, efficient, and more cost-effective way to protect your flowers or crops, ProHawk UAV is definitely your man. Or bird. It’s available as part of an ongoing maintenance plan. For prices and more details, you just need to drop a line to Bird-X.

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