The Pure One Maxi Series 3 is the audio solution your kitchen has been crying out for.

With all the usual radio-expectations covered off (DAB digital and FM), the minimalist design conceals a powerful duo of full-range 3″ drive stereo speakers that have not only got adjustable bass and treble but can kick out an impressive 2 x 2.8W RMS, no slouch for a device that’s a compact 27.5cm wide.

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Aside from all the specs, the Pure One Maxi Series 3 delivers sound all out of proportion to its footprint, achieving a clear but warm stereo sound without taking up all the worktop or requiring multiple speaker setups. Pure claim the improvement is down to a new digital sound processor, which gives users more precise audio tuning and greater tone control as well as an increased audio output (more than 65% of its predecessor) giving greater clarity at a louder volume and stereo widening in headphone mode.

A handy aux-line in means you can hook up another tablet, phone or iPod and listen to non-radio tunes, and there’s also a headphone jack for private listening. Another plus point are the idiot-proof controls, which even your granny will be able to operate immediately out of the box, which may lead to trying levels of Radio 4.

There’s more too, a variety of alarm settings that – kitchen-wise – allow you to set a countdown timer (that’s Valentine’s dinner saved), as well as a sleep timer to automatically switch off your radio. Use mains power, or go mobile with up to 15 hours of portable listening with an extra rechargeable ChargePAK or 13 hours with 6 standard AA batteries.

Given the price point gives you a big note change from £100, that’s a really rather decent showing. Design-wise the Maxi is definitely a radio, but the smoothed contours neatly meet the demands of modern kitchens, so it won’t silt up with gunk after six months. Overall, if you’re looking for a kitchen radio with a little more ability but not much more expense this is a real winner. Available now from high street retailers, for more information check out

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