Think of it more like a computer that makes you food...

It’s a culinary nightmare we’re all way too familiar with. Your lovingly-mixed choc chip cookies are browning nicely in the oven. You’re taking regular breaks from devouring the leftover contents of the mixing bowl to check they’re doing OK. The kitchen smells so good that you’re pretty sure you’ve created the best cookies in the history of the universe.

And then – BAM. In a matter of mere seconds, your cookies have somehow turned from golden brown droplets of heaven to smoking chunks of charcoal. It’s game over, friend.

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If you’ve felt that pain, you’ll be pleased to meet June. A countertop oven with precision sensors and – according to its makers – more computing powers than some laptops, the intelligent June oven wants to help you cook every single meal to absolute perfection.

With a built-in camera and a food recognition engine, June knows exactly what you’re cooking as soon as you put it in the oven, and uses weight sensors on each of its feet to weigh the food and recommend the perfect cooking program.

June Intelligent OvenWhile your food’s cooking, an oven-safe digital thermometer sends the temperature to the app on your phone in real-time, and even peppers you with notifications to keep you updated on the cooking progress.

Need to flip your steak? June will tell you when. Pre-heating the oven for your roast dinner? June will shout out when it’s at the perfect heat. Want to know when your cookies are done? No more smoking disasters – June will watch them closely and give you a nudge the moment it’s time to take them out.

June isn’t just built to help you time your meals to the second, though. It’s got a ton of nifty features designed to make your food cook evenly – and faster. With two high volume convection fans, six carbon fibre heating elements and moulded insulation to keep the heat inside, June eliminates cold spots and speeds up the cooking process by 25%. It uses less energy than your standard oven too.

June Intelligent ovenJune is a dream to control and program too. With the app on your phone, you can toggle the cooking process from wherever you are, and even get real-time updates straight from June while you’re strolling the supermarket aisle or picking up the kids from school. And speaking of kids – June’s onboard touchscreen control panel can be put under secure parental control. preventing little fingers (or pesky cat paws) from tampering with it.

Currently, June is only set for release in the US. You can buy it here for $1,495 (£1,130). If you live elsewhere and you’re desperate to get your hands on it, you can sign up here to speak up for your country and register its interest.