One for the lazy caffeine fiends.

Can’t get your morning coffee quick enough? Jura Smart Connect is a small wireless Bluetooth device that attaches to your existing “dumb” coffee machine to turn it into a connected bean-to-cup coffee whiz.

With an app linking your newly-smart coffee machine to your tablet, all it takes is just a single tap of your finger to make the good stuff flow straight from the machine into your favourite cup.

As well as giving you tasty java on tap, the app, which works with both iOS and android devices, lets you customise a whole host of variables to produce your ideal cup of coffee. You can toggle the amount of coffee beans that go into your drink, the temperature of the water and even let your coffee machine know what size cup it needs to fill up.

When you hit upon a winning combination of settings, you can name your concoction and give it its own display image so you can quickly make it again another time. In need of some serious caffeine therapy early in the morning? Just tap on that “Morning Pick-Me-Up” that did the trick last Monday. You can save the whole family’s favourite drinks this way too.

The app also keeps you up to date with how your machine is running, with handy graphics and updates. You’ll get alerts like “fill beans” and “empty tray” to make sure your machine’s always ready to spring into coffee alchemy mode when you tell it to.

Jura Smart ConnectThe one tiny little catch is that the device will only take instruction from the app if you’re within a 3-metre radius of it, so you’ll probably have to be in or very close to the kitchen with your tablet in order for it to work. Still, it’s a cool trick, and I’m kind of just sold on the idea of being able to assign names like “Steaming Hottie” to my favourite cup of coffee.

Jura Smart Connect is currently only compatible with a few existing models of Jura coffee machines. You can find a list of those here, and if you’re in luck, you can order the device for £45 from