Stay warm and cosy while saving money on your energy bills with this Momit smart home thermostat.

Ever resorted to cranking down the thermostat down and layering up with winter woollies when money was tight? Well, here’s a thermostat that wants to keep you as warm as possible within your budget.

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By connecting to your home WiFi via a gateway hub, Momit lets you have full control of your boiler and heating using a simple app on your phone. With a full smart brain of presence and lighting sensors, and a geo-localisation feature, Momit can turn up the heating when it detects you’re home, learn from your habits, and even estimate your energy consumption for the month based on the weather.

In the Momit app, you have access to features like My Budget, which lets you optimise the temperature to cut your bills without sacrificing comfort and warmth. You can set heating and budget limits to make sure you never exceed your target bill, and remotely access all of the thermostat’s settings for on-the-go programming of your home heating.

This gives you the luxury of warming up the house while you’re in the supermarket, on the way home from your holiday, or whenever else you’re out and about and fancy returning home to a warm and toasty living room.

The Momit app is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and even Blackberry phones.

You can buy Momit’s starter kit containing the hub and thermostat for just £99 from The thermostat has to stay tethered in one place, but if you want to freedom of moving the device from room to room, you can get an extension kit for just £29.


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