Brew your own ice-cold Coca-Cola at home in seconds with Keurig's new carbonated drinks connoisseur, Keurig Kold.

Update: Sadly, Keurig Green Mountain is pulling the Keurig Kold machine from the market after less than a year on the shelves. Current customers can ask for a refund of the purchase price, and can also buy Kold pods at a discount.

Keurig Kold is a countertop drinks machine that brews perfectly chilled Coca-Cola and tons more chilly craft sodas at the push of a button.

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With an insulated chiller and Kold pods containing carbonated beads, Keurig Kold can whip up festively frosty beverages in just 90 seconds without the need for CO2 canisters or elbow grease.

To begin, pop in a Kold pod. You can get hold of classics like Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, and Fanta, as well as craft favourites like iced-tea and ginger ale.

Next, position your glass under the drink spout, press the Kold button, and stand by while the alchemy takes place.

Keurig Kold starts by pumping water into its insulated chiller to cool your drink to the perfect temperature. Then it adds the flavoured syrup and special carbonated beads, which release CO2 into your drink to make it fizzy.

It’s as simple as that. No bulky CO2 canister, no SodaStream-style pumping, and not a cube of ice in sight. Just a refreshing hit of your favourite fizzy drink served straight to the glass at lightning speed. It’s a Christmas miracle.

If you can bear sharing, there’s even a ‘Party Mode’ for making up to 30 consecutive drinks for the guests at your Christmas party. Or, you can just bottle the lot up and keep it in the fridge to have all to yourself.

All Keurig Kold’s drinks are served in 8oz (240ml) measures, and Keurig says that most Kold pods contain less than 100 calories.

All this fizzy drink talk making you thirsty? Head over to Keurig and get a Keurig Kold for $369.99 (£245) just in time for this year’s festivities. You can also grab packs of four Kold Pods for $3.99 (£2.63).

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